Kosova 1: Dardania in Ancient and Medieval Times

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The declaration of the independence of Albania in November 1912 and the acceptance of the London concept of the Albanian state, as a half, which on one side will emerge as a result of the conquest by their neighbors of Albanian territories during the First Balkan War and, on the other side, a result of the agreements of the Great Powers, to bring an answer to the finality of the Eastern crisis as imposed by the circumstances of the Balkan wars, drew on the political issue of Kosovo, first as a matter of an unresolved Albanian question, in order that after World War Two and onwards, turn it into a “special” issue, which, after the disintegration of former Yugoslavia, in accordance with the circumstances that led to this development, a statehood answer should be given. Even more so since Kosovo itself, with its Constitutional Declaration of July 2, 1990, and Kaçanik Constitution of September 7 of that year, the Referendum on Independence in 1991, and eventually with the first multiparty elections of May of 1992 had declared Kosovo an independent state. Thus, the presence of the remnants of Yugoslavia reduced solely in a repressive police and military apparatus, was back in a classic occupier of the state of Kosova, which will be fought with general institutional resistance (parallel state), without excluding the armed resistance, as will happen in the last stage when this burden will be taken over by the Kosovo Liberation Army. International intervention of NATO from 24th of March to 10th of June 1999 against the Yugoslav military and police forces, when Kosova was liberated from the military occupation of Belgrade and the circumstances that led to this development, such as those that will appear on Resolution 1244 of UN Security Council of 10th of June 1999, when Kosovo will be placed under an international protectorate, made it possible for Kosovo, in cooperation with the international community, to declare itself independent on February 17, 2008, that means nothing else but an exercise of its legitimacy of the will of Kosovo citizens to their state as proclaimed in 1990 and began being implemented in 1992 through the organization of the “parallel” state despite the police and military violence exercised by the military occupation regime of Milosevic.


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